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‘Touchstone A Preschool’

Experience the Joy Of Learning here

Start Preschool
1 - 2 yrs
Class Size


The teaching is an art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of exploring it later

6 Months - 2 yrs
Class Size


Our Day Care believes that to achieve the ultimate goal of happiness, the starting block has to be Love, Care and Security

1st std – 9th std
1st puc & 2nd puc
Class Size


Drawing, Painting, Abacus, Creative Skills, bollywood dance,classical dance,soft skill, robotics by a team of qualified and committed mentors

1st std – 9th std
1st puc & 2nd puc
Class Size


"Love for studies" leads to learning. It is very important that the student gets the right faculty, guidance & basic concept

News & Events

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Why Touchstone

Touchstone believes in creating confident children who are regionally rooted , but globally competent and Provide Education to the Core.90% of the brain development happens before 6 Years hence the Holistic Development curriculum helps to ensure complete growth.

Our teachers and facilitators prepare the child for the life long learning process which prepares the child beyond school.In Touchstone children feel safe,secured,respected and recognized as individuals.


As small children start to explore their surroundings,It is important to ensure that they are safe.

Child safety is our priority.it is also a crucial part of their development and growth.Teaching them about safety can be challenging,but providing a safe environment is our accomplishment.

A safe environment for a child is one that provides freedom from harm and offers a sense of security in which they can play,develop and learn.

Basic child safety guidelines are followed here.

Fire safety,electrical safety,kitchen safety,indoor safety.


The first 6 years of life of a human is very significant as the rate of development in these years is more rapid than any other stage of development.A holistic learning and growth is required for a child’s overall brain development hence,we as a preschool play an important role in grooming and shaping a personality of a child.


Celebrations,Events & Festivals are an integral part of our program.Annual Day helps to improve a child’s confidence and enhances their co-curricular skills.Field Trips are organised,which enriches the child’s general knowledge.


Our curriculum addresses interrelated domains of holistic development through play and learn.We focus on development of life skills through

  • Physical & motor development
  • Language development
  • Cognitive development
  • Socio-personal & Emotional development
  • Sensorial development
  • Development of creative & aesthetic application.

What The Parents Say