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About Us

Meet our Staff

We Are All Here To Help You

Our teachers at TOUCHSTONE possess enthusiasm and passion for the ’little ones’.The teacher unlocks ever child’s door to learning, overcoming any obstacle a child may have. They are very patient (the kids have a very small attention span) with a sense of humour, which helps them to take the ups and downs of everyday in its stride while focusing on the end goal. Here at TOUCHSTONE every child’s unique personality and learning style is respected. Every teacher here is very flexible and creative with the kids.

Meet our Founder and Principal

Mrs. Shikha Mohan is dedicated to instill a love for learning & discovery through fun in little children. Her initiatives give our children the highest quality of education combined with excellent infrastructure.

We Are All Here To Help You

We are excited to partner with you during this important stage of your child’s development! We want to work with you in providing a setting in which your child will find comfort, compassion, and the opportunity to learn.

At Touchstone, we plant the seeds for early learning. Our goal is to provide a place where children learn the wonders of the world and teachers prepare the next generation for future. We focus on the individual child and how he/she lives within a group, and believe in strong connections with each child’s family.

This school was built with a lot of love. As a professional, I’ve recruited the best mentors to educate our children and prepare them for future. As a mother, I have made sure the faculty and staff provide the comfort and security young children need.

Our Infrastructure

We Are All Here To Help You

  • Spacious and Well lit rooms.
  • Large Play Area.
  • In-house library.
  • Audio Visuals.
  • Puzzles and Mind Games.
  • CCTV Facility.
  • Child Friendly Furniture.
  • Age Appropriate Toys.
  • Safe and Secure Transport Facilities.

Our Skills

We Are All Here To Help You

  • We nurture confidence through Personality Development.
  • We instill values and ethics for emotional growth.
  • We insist on hygiene for a healthy lifestyle.
  • We provide conducive environment for a co-operative learning.
  • We inculcate love for learning.

Our Safety Measures

We Are All Here To Help You

  • Single point access to Kids and Parents.
  • Security guards, vendors, bus drivers, parents and visitors can gain access only till the front office.
  • Children's safety ensured by lady floor supervisors who are on constant rounds.
  • Regular rounds by the Principal, Mentors and Coordinators ensured.
  • Floor supervisors check all rooms, washrooms before the departure of students.
  • Fire extinguishers installed at strategic points.
  • Transport van has lady attendants.
  • Kids are handed over only when the pickup card is produced.
  • Clean and Hygiene wash rooms.